The World Awaits Our Story

The World is opening

World is noticing

Is waiting



Our Her-story

Connects men, women, children,

No story insignificant

Each story




Tell us your story

Did you forget that tale?

Please Remember

Please Write

Please Speak


A healing poultice soothing hurting hearts

A tuning fork aligning discordant souls

Our her-stories


They are


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Calling A Dream to Life

I’ve never given birth to a child.

I’ve heard you say there comes a time during labor when you know this life process is peaking, there’s nothing that can stop your body from its calling to push out and bring forth!

I am birthing next month on October 4th.

This first ever one-woman play,  Calling All Mothers to the Well.

Calling All Mothers to the Well is a 20 year-old longing, that started with…

A dream, which when I awoke I did not understand… then

A tingle up my spine… then

A whisper from Spirit… then

A shout out… A Calling for me to act!

When was the last time you had a wonderful night out with drinks and dessert first (Yes!) while female artisans share their gifted creations? Then, a delicious dinner followed by… a show! The show is a play with six acts–six short stories of women ages 10 to 92–called to the well and what all six heard, experienced, and learned during that communion with other women.

Twenty years is a long gestation. And the birth on October 4 may not go exactly as planned. But there will be birth that night.

I will share my journey here over the next three weeks as I prepare for October 4–drawing the artisans together, finalizing every detail of the food with Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano, and even as I shop to decide my outfit and shoes for our dinner theater. (How fun is that for you to get a peek behind the curtain?)


Oh, I’d so love for you to treat yourself to this engaging evening and join me for this dinner theater presentation in Minneapolis!



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Keep Your Dream Close

Never give up on your dream.

If you keep seeing it everywhere you go, then it is for you.

Calm Seas

Will it take longer than you ever thought it would for it to fully manifest in your physical life? Sometimes.

Will you feel doubt and want to throw in the towel? Ohhhh, probably about once each and every day.


 Just keep getting up each morning, keep participating in whichever simple joys and work show up in front of you. Even if those joys and work frustrate you because they do not seem to support “it.” Keep participating in those simple joys and work. I bet you find out they are the foundation of your dream’s manifestation.

I’m telling you I’m living proof of this process, and that you too will discover…

Your dream is oh so worth your heart’s patient vigil!


From My Heart To Yours And Back To Mine, sharing our wisdom…


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A Courageous Voice Dwells Within You

Does this sound like your life experience?

You are a writer, poet, painter, speaker, singer, dancer, musician. Your art is breath to you. You wish to connect with an audience; a tribe that you inspire. You long for connection with them… to share…to listen and be heard.

And/or you are a parent. You too, long for deep connection with your tribe…your children. You too, wish to listen and be heard.

You’ve probably asked yourself, “How do I craft my art/my voice so that my tribe will truly hear and understand my spirit?”



 I know how you feel.


Last week I (again) despaired that I’d ever find my audience, those souls who want to hear words from my spirit. I’ve searched for many years.

So I arrived at a moment of brilliance. “I shall change my work. Remove those parts that might offend or be misunderstood. Ahhhh. Then, I will reach the multitudes, they will want to hear me, all will work well!”

And I proceeded. I slashed the heart and soul right out of the best work I’ve ever created.

First, my spirit revolted as I read my amputated work out loud. My own words, previously resounded like a beautiful melody,  now choked me. It was as though mud caked each verb.


Another B Desk3

Then I felt my stomach revolt. “No, this cannot be. I’m about to vomit!” I stumbled into the bathroom. I’ve not experienced such a gut primal scream since I was 22 years old and enmeshed in an emotionally abusive relationship.

I feverishly wrote, re-attaching the amputated limbs of my work. My spirit rejoiced. So did my body, for my gut quieted all rumblings.


And I breathed a deep sigh of awe.


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Life Makes You A Master Mentor

I enjoyed brunch as well as a sobering conversation with a dear friend:

“Gail, I often ponder what it would be like to mentor a young woman. But then I ask myself, ‘What in the world can I tell a young woman? I have no great wisdom to share. I’m still struggling to figure this sh*# out myself! Why in the world should she listen to me?'”

I’ve heard this from other female peers. We think we need to have life figured out before we dare mentor with any competency.

Seeing Clearly

“Because, my friend, you are 63 years old and you are Still Here.

At 19 you packed up your baby, fled and divorced your abusive, drunken husband.

And you are Still Here.


At 24 you couldn’t go to see a movie with me because your financial choice was, purchase a movie ticket, or purchase milk for your son. You chose to purchase milk. And you are Still Here.

Your own mentally ill mother nearly destroyed your will to live. You chose to live anyway. And you are Still Here.

Your body systems have nearly failed, physical debilitation, pain and suffering have plagued you for years. You’ve despaired but you consistently fight to understand your body and you strive to give it what it needs to heal. And you are Still Here.

You know what true friendship means. You’ve unwaveringly listened to my trials and tribulations, laughed with my excitement and personal growth, shored me for over 40 years. And you are Still Here. Listening.

Walk On With Hope

“My friend, you can share with any young women that it’s a real thing that you have done. A real event to have lived through it all.

And that experience is the wisdom you share with her. Which is just about all the wisdom of the world…”


From My Heart To Yours and back to mine, sharing our wisdom…


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Good News Join me!



I met Fawn Weaver, author of Happy Wives Club when she was in Minneapolis last month to support her New York Times bestseller.  She asked me and several other women in attendance to share our stories:

“How did you meet your husband and when did you realize he was the one?”

Later as she autographed my copy of Happy Wives Club, Fawn looked up, smiled and asked, “Gail, what a charming story of when you knew Bill was the one and how you are celebrating him and your upcoming wedding anniversary. Women will love reading it. Could I invite you to share that wonderful idea in a guest blog for the Happy Wives Club website?”

Oh, I was tickled to share it!

Here is an excerpt of my guest blog:

Bill and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary last month. We’ve never been big on exchanging purchased gifts. (In the early years we had very little money anyway!) This year I wanted to create and share something memorable and priceless.

I designed a 10-day Countdown To Our Anniversary. Each of the nine nights leading up to our anniversary, I wrote and posted a brief and loving letter on his Facebook wall that reflected my thoughts about his wonderful character, such as:

  • The man who makes me so happy
  • His wedding day surprise behavior
  • Supporter of my talents
  • Businessman
  • Father figure/mentor to hundreds of at-risk young men


Read the entire guest post by clicking below!



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Marriage: A lot in common with gardening

Did you enter your marriage full of expectation that everything you and your spouse “planted” early on will be fruitful forever?

Every gardener knows nothing planted will be fruitful forever–at least not in its exact current form. Still, with tending, what is planted can be fruitful for a lifetime!

Gail & Bill 1

There will be many a fallow season in a lifetime of marriage. Trust me. I’ve been happily married over 20 years. What you do or don’t do during those fallow seasons is probably more important than the harvest.

In the garden where nature rules and much of the outcome stretches beyond the gardener’s hands to determine, much of our marriage life (how we deal with the inevitable trials) is in both our hands.

In the garden our flower bulbs may be struck with an infestation of worms (the natural order). Probably the fallow season has arrived for at least that part of the garden. Time to dig up the remaining healthy bulbs and replant them elsewhere.

Marriage may be struck with an “infestation” too, such as:

  • Infidelity
  • Illness
  • Financial setbacks
  • Family of origin issues
  • Job change or loss
  • Boredom


Here are some simple, powerful, and hearty bulbs that I hope you planted together on your wedding day! When you and your love are dealing with one or more of the above trials  (it must be both of you working for a positive outcome), try this approach. Dig deep within and bring out these healthy concepts:

  • Commitment
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Laughter
  • Love


  1. Chose a half hour period of time when you are refreshed and relaxed. Bill and I do this first thing in the morning over breakfast and when we’ve had a good night’s sleep
  2. Sit down together with some lovely stationary that you’ve purchased for just these times. Each of you thinks back to your wedding day and reflects on what the above words meant to you on that special day. Write your recollection in a column on the left.
  3. In a column on the right, write what these words mean to you today.
  4. Now share your lists. Look at one another, smile…hold hands and speak quietly and honestly.

Helen & Larry Hampton

You’ll be surprised how this simple reflection supports your bond and reminds you that these “infestations” I listed need not compromise your marital foundation even as some will probably require the help of a licensed counselor to work them through. Don’t hesitate to seek the professional advisement you and your marriage need.

Accept and embrace the fallow seasons in your marriage. Those seasons are not a failure of your marriage to thrive. They are a time to honor rest, renewal, and reflection together!

From My Heart To Yours And Back To Mine, sharing our wisdom…


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